Summer at Breinton outdoor recitals

Breinton Recital Society is delighted to present a series of outdoor classical music concerts: Summer at Breinton. These are performed in our garden following social distancing protocols.

Book now for the final two events in August.

COVID-Secure Music

Format for the Summer at Breinton recitals:

  • Experience live music again, Breinton-style
  • A relaxed, more family-oriented event while continuing our standard of musicianship
  • Bring your own rugs, deck chairs or borrow one of ours
  • Picnics welcomed from 3 pm
  • Main performance from 4 pm on Saturday with rain-check for Sunday
  • An outdoor, socially distanced event, following COVID-Secure protocol
  • Advance bookings required; tickets are £15 for adults, free for children.

In the Garden at Breinton

Video from World Tour:

Announcing our next Summer at Breinton Recitals

All recitals subject to government regulations and the weather!
Saturday 8 August 2020

Planned Recital
The Carducci String Quartet

There is one positive outcome from the dreadful Covid situation: we now have space to invite a string quartet. Just imagine, relaxing in our garden while the award-winning Carducci String Quartet fills the air with the harmonious and divine beauty of the strings; nothing in life could get any better than this. 

We can hardly contain our excitement!

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Saturday 22 August 2020

Huw Wiggin, saxophone
Oliver Wass, harp

Yes, it is an “seemingly unlikely” paring of the instruments, but saxophonist Huw Wiggin and harpist Oliver Wass have explored the repertoire for this combination ever since their duo’s formation in 2016 and have proved that the combination “works real magic”. 

In the final concert of the Summer at Breinton series, we are going to be experiencing the magical finale. Even more so when they are preceded by the hugely talented sister-act, violinists Coco and Yume Tomita.  It was not so long ago that Coco won the BBC Young Musician of the Year Strings Category Final.

First July Recital - Fabulous Strings

Saturday 4 July 2020

Natalia Lomeiko & Yuri Zhislin, Violin & Viola

It was a liberating experience. On Saturday 4 July, the first day of freedom from lockdown, “Summer at Breinton: Fabulous Strings” was potentially the very first live, public concert with an audience for over 100 days.

The first time for the musicians to perform to real people. The first time for us to hear live music. For many, the first time to be with people from other households, albeit outdoors and staying two meters apart. The first time to feel the unusual ‘normal’ again...

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Second July Recital - World Tour

Sunday 26 July 2020

Lotte Betts-Dean, mezzo soprano; Bartosz Glowacki, accordion;
Andrey Lebedev, guitar

Our second recital featured a very different musical genre but, unfortunately, the same rather dark and threatening British summer weather! 

The three performers took us on a joyful and emotional ride with music from around the world. They put a smile on our face and left warmness in our hearts; this was a concert to be remembered for a long time.

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Past Recitals this Season

Our 2019/20 Season of Indoor Recitals
Saturday 29 February 2020

Solo Piano

"... we felt swiftness and well-controlled dexterity with clarity, tension and desperation expressed in fantastical textures.

"Can Çakmur's verbal, and informative, descriptions reflected in his playing; his articulation and intelligence in structuring phrases and sound sonority unlocked one’s imagination, which lead to another level of enjoyment and appreciation" 


Saturday 8 February 2020

Solo Piano

"... an intense programme which included both a Beethoven and a Rachnaninov Sonata... Lauren Zhang gave a powerful, fulfilling and compelling performance, and thrilled the audience...

Lauren has everything to make us believe that she will ripen and mature into a performer who can take her performing career onto the world stage." 


Saturday 25 January 2020

Young Musicians

"... a tremendously enjoyable evening" Kotone: "beautiful tone with no impurity and lovely sonority, something powerful and strong-willed"; Isabelle: "charming and infectious personality, which shone throughout her performance";  Annie: "constantly tuned to her sound... such a sensitive feeling.... and amazing focus";  Imaan: "extraordinary maturity and musical depth... she had a vibe which the audience enjoyed so much". 


Wednesday 4 December 2019

Flute & Piano

"...The programme by flautist Emma Halnan and pianist Daniel King Smith featured the musicians’ effortless harmony with co-ordination between the playful piano with a delightfully light touch and the flute’s joyful singing tone. ... 
The duo-ship was natural and seamless, rhythmically tossing-and-receiving effortlessly, always complimenting each other"


Friday 22 November 2019

Solo Piano

"...Yevgeny Sudbin’s performance was never set and fixed in mould, it had spirit and spontaneity... The audience fell into a total silence; super sensitivity with pure clarity were treasured while bold passages spoke inspiration... 
Yevgeny’s impeccable technique pinned the audience to the chair – never a dull moment... It was a victorious performance of a victorious piece"


Saturday 16 November 2019

Solo Piano

"The pieces were carefully planned and mapped out to create different sound worlds and draw the audience into them. It was clear that the quality of the sounds meant a lot to Danny Driver, and that he was passionate, almost obsessed, with sharing his creation with the audience. His superb pianism was abundantly heard, his deep insight into the music and control meant an excellent articulation which we all appreciated."


Sunday 20 October 2019

Viola & Piano 

"... little details, such as Lawrence Power’s warm tone of the lower register notes, or Simon Crawford-Phillips’s skillful accompaniment to compliment his partner, or the impeccable partnership which must have been nurtured through many years of experience... the evening was a perfect package, consisting of diverse musical elements, sounds and messages, and the excellent performers who delivered them. It was intensely engaging, intellectually entertaining, thought provoking and stimulating."


Friday 13 September 2019

Saxophone & Piano

"... the long-awaited opening recital of our new season, saxophonist Huw Wiggin and pianist John Lenehan satisfied our thirst, treating us with their truly creative and magical sound world. The partnership showed a most intimate musical dialogue in the first half, while in the second half they showcased their dynamic and bold approach. From a concert promoter’s point of view, it is always a challenge to include a not-so-familiar instrument in a series, but tonight I was confident that it had worked beautifully"  


Recitals cancelled due to Coronavirus

Tuesday 10 March 2020

Breinton members raise money for charity Help Musicians

With the unfortunate onset of COVID-19 Coronavirus across the world in March, we had to cancel the last three planned recitals of our 2019/20 season.

Our wonderfully supportive members kindly donated nearly all the ticket sales from these three events to the Coronavirus Financial Hardship Fund run by the leading charity, Help Musicians.  This donation of £3,000 will be used by Help Musicians to assist those who are in need during this difficult time.

Further information:


Saturday 21 March 2020

Violin & Piano 

Since the start of their collaboration in 2012, the Foyle-Štšura Duo have performed extensively throughout the UK, Europe, and North America, with prestigious performances at Wigmore Hall, Buckingham Palace, Bridgewater Hall, Amsterdam Concertgebouw, and at the New York Chamber Music Festival. Praised for their “playing of compelling conviction” (The Daily Telegraph) and “astonishing mutual feeling, understanding and responsiveness” (Seen and Heard International), Michael and Maksim are exactly the type of sought-after chamber group Breinton audiences seek.


Saturday 2 May 2020

Solo Piano 

Ukrainian pianist Anna Fedorova has demonstrated an innate musical maturity and outstanding technical capability from a young age, accelerating her international concert career. As a recitalist, Anna has appeared at prestigious concert halls in North and South America, Europe, and Asia, including the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Carnegie Hall, and Royal Festival Hall. Having mastered a formidable concerto repertoire, Anna has performed with orchestras around the world including the Dallas Symphony, Hong Kong Philharmonic, Philharmonia and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.


Friday 15 May 2020

Matinee: Cello & Piano

Laura MacDonald is a local cellist based in Woking who has been performing in concerts and participating in music festivals in and around Surrey from a young age. Now a 3rd-year undergraduate scholar at the Royal Academy of Music, Laura studies under the guidance of Felix Schmidt. Laura has received masterclasses by renowned cellists Steven Isserlis, Raphael Wallfisch, Alexander Baillie and Colin Carr. As a former member of the National Youth Orchestra and National Children’s Orchestra, Laura has played at many of the UK’s major concert halls. Laura is a passionate and dedicated chamber musician. Her piano trio, the Torridon Trio, formed with fellow Royal Academy students, has an active performing schedule.


Recitals in our Previous Season

Recitals in our Previous Season

Our 2018/19 Season marked ten years of recitals at Breinton.
Saturday 11 May 2019

Solo Piano

"Katya swiftly and calmly walked in, and from the moment she put her fingers on the keyboard, her outpouring musicality was un-stoppable... Her voicing of the melodies was ever so natural, with attention and care to the minute details. All this contributed to express the beautiful, long-singing phrases, which people have never ceased to adore for the past centuries."


Saturday 13 April 2019

Cello and Piano 

"the dark, glowing sound from deep within, suffusing with the haunting spiritual outcry of Bloch, highly melodic lines of Beethoven’s unpretentious beauty, empowering lyricism with hints of atonality of Bridge, to tremendously controlled and fun-kicked Paganini, the tonality and sonority produced from Jamal’s gut strings changed shape and appearance at their own will"


Friday 22 March 2019

Matinee, Violin and Piano

"A most delightful one hour with a bag of pleasure to listen to. The pure simplicity was touching and elevated the emotional level, with both musicians’ sounds so gentle and caring, showing unpretentious beauty...the duo were met by an uproaring applause by the audience."


Saturday 2 March 2019

Violin & Piano

"Callum excelled in pouring out simple, but most glorious melodies, while Richard’s flow serenaded gracefully, and together they sang... we received a true sense of musical integration and harmony, created and executed by two individual instruments right there and then, in front of our eyes"


Tuesday 8 January 2019

Two Solo Piano Recitals on Tuesday 8 & Wednesday 9 January 2019

"This wonderful programme performed by one of the world’s most prominent young pianists twice in a row is something you don’t come across very often, and the experience was exceptional and irreplaceable... Benjamin is a musician with an outpouring musicality and his own very clear musical ideas".


Friday 4 January 2019

Violin & Piano 

"There was a fierce loyalty between Alina and Cédric... the partnership breathed the same air and shared the same mood; his variety of tone, sometimes warm and caressing, sometimes crisp and distinctive, was the most valuable gift to match her sublime clarity and deeply engaged sounds."


Friday 7 December 2018

Matinee, Solo Piano

"When an excellent instrument finds an excellent performer who can understand, experiment and extract the best out of it, the result is powerful. Yesterday our lovely piano, which is sweetly voiced by our technician to suit our concert room, found a perfect owner."


Friday 26 October 2018

Clarinet & Piano

"a most pleasant intimacy... whisperingly delicate sounds produced by musicians with the utmost care... moments where we held our breath in anticipation for what would be come next... impeccable timing achieved naturally by a spirited partnership in front of our eyes."


Saturday 22 September 2018

Solo Piano

"It was an evening of pure delight,  an exploration of richness in sounds, texture, mood and imagination. Throughout the performance, Llŷr kept every aspect of the music under control; his meticulous precision and clarity was admirable to the extent that we appreciated every single note played."