2017/18 Season

Our season has ended but please read the reviews of the nine wonderful recitals that took place this year. The next season - our tenth - will be announced in mid summer with the first recital taking place in late September. Sign up for our Newsletter to ensure that you receive details as soon as they become available.


  • Masayuki Tayama, piano

    Masayuki Tayama, piano

    "This level of performance can only be achieved by a musician who has played and lived through it thousands of times. All the music was in his fingers, there was not a single unsure note that was played hesitantly."

  • Michael Petrov, cello, & Erdem Mısırlıoğlu, piano

    Michael Petrov, cello, & Erdem Mısırlıoğlu, piano

    "The commitment and communication between the two instruments was in full bloom. The whirlwind of inseparable cello and piano sounds took us all on board, the audience was in complete silence, pinned to their chairs."

  • Chloë Hanslip, solo violin

    Chloë Hanslip, solo violin

    "In the intimate atmosphere of Breinton we could appreciate every note, every stroke and even every bow hair, which Chloë executed with extreme precision. Her pianissimos were truly divine and her fortissimos could not be more convincing; what an emotional and spiritual journey they brought."

  • Ivana Gavrić, solo piano

    Ivana Gavrić, solo piano

    "Ivana conveyed beautiful human emotions and physical motions, with her transparent and expressive tone voicing the melodies in such an effective manner."

  • Local Young Performers Soiree

    Local Young Performers Soiree

    "The four performers invited this year were full of enthusiasm and eagerness to play their instruments and were received by the equally keen audience."

  • Ashley Fripp, solo piano

    Ashley Fripp, solo piano

    "...his musicality, along with the beautiful sounds, were not the product of a quick stir-fry; it was more like a slow-cooked and firmly flavoured deliciousness."

  • Coco Tomita, violin, and Svitlana Koseno, piano

    Coco Tomita, violin, and Svitlana Koseno, piano

    "it was way beyond a simple recital by a teenage violinist in preparation for a competition. She showed extraordinary ability by any standard which resulted in a full satisfaction from the audience. "

  • Cédric Tiberghien, piano

    Cédric Tiberghien, piano

    "a fountain of beautifully crafted sounds, creating a surging sensation of love and a vivid image of wistful longing."

  • Matilda Lloyd, trumpet & Leo Nicholson, piano

    Matilda Lloyd, trumpet & Leo Nicholson, piano

    "They drew the audience right into this haunting sound pocket; throughout the piece, we felt a strong pull, it was one of those hair-raising moments."

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Date Musicians Instruments Details
Friday 15 September 2017 Masayuki Tayama piano Read our review
Saturday 7 October Michael Petrov & Erdem Mısırlıoğlu   cello & piano Read our review
Saturday 11 November   Chloë Hanslip solo violin Read our review
Saturday 2 December Ivana Gavrić piano Read our review
Saturday 20 January 2018  Local Young Performers double bass, cello, piano, violin Read our review
Thursday 8 February Ashley Fripp piano Read our review
Saturday 3 March Callum Smart & Richard Uttley violin & piano   Recital postponed
Saturday 24 March Coco Tomita & Svitlana Kosenko violin & piano   Read our review
Saturday 21 April Cédric Tiberghien piano Read our review
Saturday 12 May Matilda Lloyd & Leo Nicholson trumpet & piano   Read our review