Callum Smart at Breinton

There are many things that I love about running musical Soirées at Breinton. Arranging brilliant music in an intimate setting where the musicians are only within an arm's reach is definitely a pleasure (even if you must elbow your neighbours to secure your space). Sharing it with like-minded members who are as enthusiastic about music as I am is even better. And, at the end of an evening's performance, there is no better feeling than saying good-bye to our appreciative audience when they have clearly enjoyed the experience. After violinist Callum Smart and pianist Gordon Back's Soirée, there were many of these merrily overjoyed people. One called me the next day to say that it was absolutely spellbinding; another one said that she had ordered a CD of the Franck Sonata as she loved it so much; one went on to do some reading on Danny Boy, the ballad set to Londonderry Air, played in the recital; and some immediately bought tickets for our next October

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