Johnston & Beatson at Breinton

I cannot begin to describe how pleasurable this evening's recital was. Cellist Guy Johnston and pianist Alasdair Beatson delighted the audience with a programme packed with musical gems which encompassed a wide range of periods from baroque, classic, romantic to contemporary.  

The duo's partnership was undoubtedly strong; they showed impeccable timing, harboured expressive and emotional surges as if they were on the same wavelength, and maintained an excellent and effective balance between the instruments -  sometimes one instrument surfacing over the other, but always supporting and complementing each other. Guy is not  a 'showy' performer; rather, he is cool, analytical, and, in every respect, very persuasive. As for Alasdair, he is a born chamber musician (as well as an excellent soloist), who takes a sympathetic and collaborative approach to cater for every need. No wonder many instrumentalists want to play 

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