The whole evening – starting with Angela Hewitt's Bach and Beethoven, followed by Dame Felicity Lott's string of beautiful songs by Hahn, Schumann, Strauss and Mahler – was almost a surreal experience. By the time they performed their encore O Waly, Waly (Benjamin Britten's arrangement) some of us were trying very hard to stop the tears rolling down our cheeks.

These two superstars' collaboration took place at Breinton on a perfect summer's evening. The first half of their enchanting programme featured Angela Hewitt performing Bach's English Suite No. 3 and Beethoven's Sonata Op. 31 No.3. The minute she started, she captivated the audience; it was like we even forgot to breathe in order not to miss a single note of her playing. Her precision and control was extraordinary, and whether fortissimo or pianissimo, her tones were clear with no ambiguity or flaw. Her distinctive style was convincing and assuring, leaving no questions to be asked. But more than anything, we felt her dedicated love towards the music and composers, and strong desire to perform. It was absolutely lovely.

Dame Felicity Lott was all natural. There was nothing artificially created or fake about her voice and performance – it was simply, naturally, astounding. Using her magnetic elements and warm charm, the audience was drawn in completely. There was that smile and eyes that killed, and the control over her glorious voice which took our breath away. 

The two performers were full of vitality and stamina which put some of us to shame! They will be performing together at this year's Trasimeno Music Festival, organised by Angela Hewitt.