This was a tremendously enjoyable evening!

The first guitarist in the history of Breinton, Kotone Ozaki amazed us by her beautiful tone with no impurity and lovely sonority. While maintaining impressive serenity, her performance had something powerful and strong-willed which kept the audience totally silent. I know nothing about this instrument, but even so, it was apparent that her technical skill was masterful.

Izzie Kauer, the violinist who had declared to us two years ago that she wanted to perform at Breinton, invited the audience to join her music-making with her charming and infectious personality, which shone throughout her performance. And it also showed Izzie’s witty side and boldness!

All four performers had their own personality, and pianist Annie McChrystal was no exception. In fact, the programme she chose reflected herself; the selection of Chopin, Rachmaninov and Debussy suited her excellently. A very thoughtful performer, she was constantly tuned to her sound, which brought out such a sensitive feeling. And she had amazing focus as well.

Imaan Kashim, our second violinist, demonstrated extraordinary maturity and musical depth. Her programme of Prokofiev and Hubay was extremely challenging, but it seemed that she was turning the challenges into her enjoyment. She understood the piano part well, which enabled her to get the tricky timings right, and above all, she had a ‘vibe’ which the audience enjoyed so much.

Needless to say, our piano partner to the violinists, Alison Rhind, was as fantastic as ever. Her expertise meant that she brought out the best of the performers.

We also thank the Deputy Mayor of Woking, Councillor Saj Hussein, for attending the recital and for his kind words at the end of the evening.