Henrietta Dalgleish (violin), Fiona Chow (viola) and Thomas Wang (piano)

  • PHILIPP SCHARWENKA: Piano Trio, Op. 121

Jess Gillam (saxophone), Sam Becker (double bass) and Zeynep Özsuca (piano)

  • PEDRO ITURRALDE: Pequena Czarda
  • MARCELLO: Concerto for Oboe in C Minor
  • DOWLAND: Flow my tears
  • HARLE: Rant
  • MEREDITH MONK: Early Morning Melody
  • GLASS: Melodies for Saxophone, No. 10
  • LUKE HOWARD: Dappled Light
  • WEILL: Je ne t'aime pas
  • RUDY WIEDOEFT: Valse Vanite
  • BOWIE: Life on Mars
  • ASTOR PIAZZOLLA: Histoire du Tango